Fashionable outfit ideas for the snow

beast from the east snow outfit

Hey everybody! I know it’s been a while since my last post but I promise I'll start posting more constantly.

If you are living in Europe right now, you’ll know why I’m making a snow outfit post when it's supposed to be the start of the spring. The beast from the east is hitting Ireland and other countries very hard, where I live we have mountains of snow as high as 2 meters.
But of course if you are a real fashionista, the snow will never stop you from looking good and today I want to share my favourite outfit from this week.

fashion blogger ireland

I got the oversized checked coat in for only 30 euro with a discount code. I was afraid that the quality was going to be pretty bad because of the price, but actually, I was surprised and very happy with what I got. You can buy the coat by clicking here.

As I love layering and it’s very cold outside, I like wearing my leather biker jacket from Zara underneath with a high neck knitted jumper.

To finish the look I have my favourite black leather gloves, a knitted hat and my Dr Martens, which are perfect to walk in the snow.

beast from the east snow outfit

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